CRM Overview

Deewhy Consultants provide info@hand the The Long Reach Corporation's flagship product line. Its focus is to put an organization's core business information in the hands of those authorized to have it - anytime, anywhere.

  • An integrated web-based application, this comprehensive customer centric business management system will revolutionize information access throughout your business, and deliver these key business benefits:
  • Increased Sales Effectiveness: The most productive lead sources and sales staff are clearly identified on graphical charts.
  • Greater Sales Reach: Use the email marketing capabilities to execute and measure new promotional campaigns.
  • Reduced Administrative Costs: Information is only typed in once - CRM, product catalog, proposals, invoicing, customer service, project and resource management - all share the same data.
  • Improved Efficiency: Everyone in the business knows right away where to find information, without wasting time looking for it.
  •  Happier Customers (and better customer retention!): Dealing with employees who now know more about them and what's going on in their account.
  • Better Management: Sales pipelines that are much better understood provide clear visibility of any business upturn or downturn well before it represents an opportunity or risk for the business.