Email, News, Calendar

Corporate Calendar:

info@hand offers full group calendaring features:

  • Check for schedule conflicts when planning calls and meetings.
  • Send invitations to colleagues and customers.
  • View your calendar by Day, Week, Month, or Year.
  • View the full company calendar by Month.
  • Check Resource and Meeting room bookings.
  • Display current project assignments for all billable personnel, to help maximize utilization rates.

Email Management:

info@hand lets you compose and send email (text or HTML format), plus receive email from one or more accounts per user.

  • Create custom email folders to hold your mail for filing.
  • The system automatically associates all mail to Contact and (optionally) Account history.
  • info@hand can also organize and perform outbound email marketing campaigns
  • Email addresses are auto-completed if you just type in a few letters of first or last name (see image of composing email).
  • Full text email search finds information in email body, not just email subject.
  • Each user specifies retention period for different types of email, reducing clutter of irrelevant emails.
  • Email signatures are provided as a convenient time-saver.

Personalized News Pages:

An RSS News page delivers personalized daily news for each employee.

  • See the top 5 stories for each news feed you select - and click to open them in a separate window.
  • info@hand is supplied with hundreds of standard news feeds, and you can add your own quickly and easily. 

Company Directory:

A photographic company directory displays telephone extension, department, email, mobile phone number, and SMS address for all employees.

  • A handy indicator LED shows which users are currently online.