Info@hand eStore

The info@hand eStore is the latest addition to the info@hand Customer Portal. When sales are made via the eStore, details of Account information, Invoices and Payments are automatically posted in info@hand. And if you have the optional info@hand Finance for QuickBooks installed, that same information will be synchronized from info@hand to your QuickBooks database as well.

Additional key features of the eStore include:

  • Products in the catalog of the info@hand Business Portal may be individually selected as being for sale, or not for sale, in the linked eStore.
  • Images of those products are also managed within info@hand for use in the eStore screen displays.
  • When new portal users are created their registration information is automatically added into the eStore records as well, creating a single sign-on common environment for the Customer Portal and eStore combined.

See more details on the eStore in the Customer Portal User and Installation Guides.