Features of e-commerce solution

All our e-commerce solutions are built on an extremely flexible platform providing a complete administration interface for our clients to manage and maintain their own product sites.
Some of the functionality available through the administrators interface:

  • Management (add / edit / delete) product categories
  • Management (add / edit / delete) products
  • Sale management (e.g. 10% off entire product catalog, 20% of bluray dvds)
  • Management of individual special items (e.g. 10 off Bladerunner DVD)
  • Management of product attributes. A particular product can have options associated with it such as 5' bed for 100 extra.
  • View / update all customer orders
  • Coupon management
  • Realtime view of site activity - watch as your customers put items in their shopping cart and progress through the checkout process
  • Import / export the entire product catalog to and from excel