Marketing and reporting

Once your e-commerce solution it is live you will need to make sure your potential customers can find you when they search the Internet.
All our e-commerce implementations are optimized for search engines and automatically integrated with the Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Bing.
Visitors to the site are tracked from initial visit through to purchase completion. Reports are then generated showing how your visitors found your site (e.g. Direct, Google Search, Google paid search, Referring site), and how much revenue generated from each of these sources.
This information is vital to allow you gauge the performance of any advertising spent on the promotion of your site.

Affiliates programs

Deewhy also provide a complete affiliates management suite to our clients.  This allows our clients to run their own affiliates program via their partners.  An affiliate member will simply put a link to the e-commerce system on their site and any purchases resulting from this link will be tracked back to the affiliate.  Commission and payments will then be credited against the affiliate member.