Outlook Synchronization

The info@hand plug-in for Microsoft Outlook is available free of charge for all info@hand users, and utilizes the info@hand web services SOAP interface to integrate CRM functionality into Outlook. No server components or modifications are needed to use the plug-in. The plug-in is simply installed and configured on each client PC or notebook that needs this capability, and enhances the Outlook client installed on that computer. (See info@hand Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook - User Guide)

The info@hand plug-in offers the following functionality via the Outlook menu system, or the info@hand menu bar which is added to Outlook:

  • Open up info@hand in a browser session
  • Sync Contacts
  • Sync Calendar
  • Send email to info@hand, optionally complete with attachments, and link the email to multiple Contacts and optionally one Account, Lead, Opportunity, or Case
  • Search info@hand for a specific Contact, Lead, Case, Opportunity or Account
  • Create a new Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, or Case within info@hand
  • Optional Auto-synchronization of marked Contacts and Appointments