info@hand Finance (QuickBooks Synchronization Link)

The integration of business data is a serious and long-standing issue for small and mid-size businesses (SMBs). Typically, an SMB buys a CRM, an operations management system specific to their business model, an accounting system, an invoicing system, and potentially a service management system. Add in their public web site, and a customer self-service portal, and the average SMB starts to feel like they are in the IT business, not their real business.

For a business managed by multiple separate systems, the clerical effort and loss of data quality associated with trying to keep data in the multiple systems in sync is both costly and inefficient. Operating a business based on these 'islands of information' is not an option in today's challenging business climate.

Yet trying to buy an integrated system that covers all these bases, matches the specifics of your business model, and is still affordable, if often an impossible task. And even when such a system can be found, migrating to a fully integrated system from today's multiple applications can be a difficult and risky process.

With info@hand, our approach is different. We created a Customer Relationship and Business Management System (CRBM) - a system with a CRM at the core, with integrated operations management, service management and order management features, plus integration with a customer portal and (optionally) the market-leading QuickBooks accounting system. We took this approach for several reasons, the three most important being: