Business Starter Package

Looking to get your business online for the first time?

We've put together a package which will provide your business with everything you need to kick-start your online presence.

What you'll get:

  • Professional website development using one of the templates designs listed below (we'll customize the template to use a colour scheme to match any branding you currently use)
  • Gallery pages allowing you to showcase your portfolios
  • E-mail setup (upto 50 accounts / 7gb per user) using your own domain name e.g.
  • Search Engine Optimization - no matter how well your site is presented it will not generate leads if it does not appear on your clients searches. All our sites are well ranked in google (and other search engines). 
  • Business submission to the Google maps directory - helps with search ranking.
  • Integration with Google analytics for weekly reports on website visitors - you will see how visitors are finding you.
  • Submission to Google and Yahoo Search engines using sitemap.
  • Web hosting free for first year (100 ex vat / year thereafter)
  • .ie /.com domain registration will be an extra 25 / 8 per year ex vat.
  • Cost : 600 + vat

Click here to apply for the business starter package

What is the process once I apply for the business starter package?

  • Once we receive your online request we will contact you to set up a meeting in your premises.
  • This initial meeting will answer any questions you have regarding the process for website design and delivery. 
  • We will discuss your preferences and design a wireframe (hand drawn layout of the website) together.
  • In order for us to start the project, we will need a 50% deposit paid up front.
  • We will create a plan with milestones and send you emails to inform you of our progress at all stages/milestones.
  • We will send you several documents: a mockup of the site to ensure we have your approval and sign off before we build the base template of the site. A sitemap of the general site layout including navigation menus.
  • Once the template has been built we will customize the template to suit your requirements with regard to pages, titles of pages, colour schemes and images.
  • This phase will also include content building from text you have given us (via email or cd for example) in word format or other such format.
  • We will inform you of our progress at all stages and there will be a lot of back and forth between us at this stage.
  • We will need final payment when the website is ready to go live.
  • We commit to a turnaround of 2 weeks for a small website like this, providing we have all the information we need to proceed.
  • Once the site is live we will carry out SEO activities to improve search ranking (e.g. in google) for example google analytics, google maps and site maps and setting seo tags for common keywords.
  • It may take 2 weeks for search engines to see your new site, however we will complete all SEO tasks immediately. We believe that no matter how well your site is presented, it is not going to generate leads for your business if it is not coming up in searches for your clients.
  • All our websites are delivered with search engine optimization and we are also qualified to set up online marketing campaigns if you choose.
  • Routine changes to text and images are free of charge once you continue to host your site with us.
  • We are always happy to talk about phase 2 or 3 as time goes on, and to omit certain elements until you have a budget for them, or add them in if you decide you'd like a more customized site.
  • We believe that once you see a benefit to your business through the website you will invest in it regularly to make the most of the traffic coming to it.

Template selection:

Template A
Template B
Template C