All website implemented by Deewhy Consultants are integrated with Google Analytics.  Our customers can login to this system to drill down on their own website usage statistics.  A report is also e-mailed to them in PDF format on a weekly / monthly basis.

Google analytics provides a huge amount of useful information relating to website usage such as:

Visitor source information

This report gives a detailed analysis on where visitors to the website came from, e.g. did they find the site via a search engine, and if so what keywords did they use.

This information is extremely useful to track the progress of the website, and to assist with further search engine optimization exercises.


Custom Dashboard

A custom dashboard provides a snapshot of the most recent activity (last day, week, month, etc.), and can be compared with a similar time period to show growth in usage.

Generally, information on the dashboard includes:

  • Number of visitors / shown on a graph of each day
  • Bounce rate (a visitor to a website is counted as a bounce if they only visit the home page and then leave, the lower the bounce rate the better)
  • Average time on site
  • Average number of page views per site
  • Most popular pages on site
  • Most popular source of visitors

Geo-location information

Geo-location information shows the location of all visitors to a website.  This can be especially useful to customers who are performing a location based targetted campaign.